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i am extraordinary, if you'd ever get to know me

average every day sane psycho supergoddess

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Birthdate:Apr 6
Location:California, United States of America

italian. aries. bad combo. :) cyclothymic. blue-eyed. loves pink. hates change. loyal. too fast for own good. speaks her mind, always. won't stand for bullshit. hides it all inside. honest to a fault. empathetic. believes in people. sensitive. curious. loves her kittens. ok, not kittens anymore. reads. a lot. csi/ncis/TAR fan. misses the west wing/gilmore girls. loves the sharks.etsyaholic. has a temper. can sometimes control it. caffeine-free! sarcastic. sees a therapist. sings in the car. bites her nails. and needs to stop. anxious. is a dork. srsly. loves her boy. knows her faults. every. single. one.

recently moved away from home. misses it with all her heart. trying to find her place in this new life.

I have always loved hats...

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